Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let the Graffiti Games commence!

While the propaganda machine attached to the so-called "Official" capital- and state-sponsored Stolenwealth Games is in full swing, the homeless and buskers are being purged from our city's streets, the police are treating graff crews ("vandalism gangs") as terrorists, and the rich -- as always -- look forward to having a lot more bread as a result, others are doing their level-best to ensure that Melbourne remains liveable after the circus leaves town.

Along with the efforts of the Black GST mob, another group is joining them in the campaign for life, liberty, and the pursuit of non-elite sports dependent happiness:

In response to this, and the Victorian Government’s decision to waste $1 million dollars of tax-payers’ money in setting up an anti-graffiti taskforce, [Graffiti Games Organising Committee (GGOC)] have announced the commencement of the 2006 Graffiti Games. During the Graffiti Games, which begin next week and will end in April 2006, the entire Central Business District has been declared a “maximum tolerance zone” open to street art of all forms. Unlike the elitist [Stolenwealth] Games the Graffiti Games will be open to anyone with a spray-can and a good or bad idea. The entire population of Victoria, as well as interstate and international visitors, are encouraged to compete. Although all who take part, and the public at large, will be winners in this tournament the GGOC will also be awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the most popular entrants in various categories.

These will include -
(a) Most Elaborate Stencil Piece
(b) Funniest Slogan
(c) Largest Graffiti Piece
(d) Most Daring Placement
(e) Best Caricature of the Mayor or other City Of Melbourne Councillor
(f) Most Seditious Piece

To be eligible all competitors must photograph their work and send it in to this website where it will be exhibited to the public, who will be asked to vote for their favourite pieces. For obvious reasons the locations of the street art will not be announced on the site although we encourage Melbournians to keep their eyes out for exciting new works in the months to come.

Let the games commence!
CLEAN, on the other hand, is an art project. Despite this, and its (painfully obvious) middle class bias, it's vaguely critical, and may even be worth enduring the liberal witlessness of its proponents...

Of course, the other question which remains unanswered is: is Ron Walker the ugliest man in Australia, or merely the most stupid and vulgar?