Sunday, March 26, 2006

More weasel words from Weerheym (II)

As discussed previously, Perth neo-Nazi, synagogue and war widows' retirement village vandal Ben Weerheym has reacted badly to his public exposure in a recent article in The West Australian. In fact, on Weerheym's blog, he notes that he was "personally offended" by it.

Weerheym's reaction is not surprising. His former leader, Jack van Tongeren, of the neo-Nazi Australian Nationalist(s) Movement, is currently on the run from the law. Further, local (WA) police have questioned Weerheym several times in relation to van Tongeren's disappearance (and that of his accomplice, Matthew Billing). And finally, political pressure appears to be building in WA for charges to be brought against Weerheym under Australian laws relating to Racial Vilification and Holocaust Denial.*

Ah, the joys of being a net-Nazi!

In response to these developments -- and after a week's silence -- Weerheym has posted three 'press releases'. The first of these is a reply to Fran Spencer, author of the exposé (discussed previously). The other two, discussed below, attempt to i) provide a rationale for Weerheym's imaginary alliance of local fascists (the 'Patriot Alliance Down-under') and ii) 'unveil' the trans-Tasman anti-racist network Fightdemback as being an illegitimate, if not criminal, organisation.

1) (The) Patriot Alliance Down-under (PAD)

According to Weerheym, the PAD consists of 'patriotic' Australians and New Zealanders. Their online postings are intended to correct the bias of the Jewish-controlled media and the leftists who write for it. Furthermore, the PAD is opposed to the use of violence and illegal activity ("[i]n no way do I or other contributors of the PAD undertake, promote or condone illegal activity or violence of any sort"), and is committed to free speech, democracy and helping little old ladies cross the road. (OK, so I made that last bit up... but you get the picture.)

Weerheym's main contention, however, is that the PAD does not consist of "white supremacists", "neo-Nazis", "bigots" or any other fictional 'buzz' label. Further, that its political rationale is legitimate, especially "[c]onsidering that we of European lineage represent [less] than 10% of the global population". And in its almighty wisdom, the PAD "understands" that Jews and their leftist allies "have been and are destructive to the culture, identity and longevity [of] we Indo-Europeans the world over".

So much for Weerheym. In my opinion, not only is Weerheym a neo-Nazi, he's also a liar and a fraud. Please let me elaborate on why I feel this.

First, let's refresh our memories, shall we?

I WILL seriously assault you, I don't care if I go to jail dickhead, I will stomp on your fucking head, I couldn't care who reads this, you are a filthy peice [sic] of shit that deserves to be badly assaulted... It may not happen straight away but I will store it in my brain [sic] for another time. You think I am an evil [N]azi? I will go out of my way for you to defin[i]tely think so.
That was last year. This week, Weerheym wouldn't hurt a fly. So for all his jumping up and down about the evils of transgenderism, I reckon Weerheym's basic problem is that he doesn't know if he's Arthur or Martha. To put it another way: he's a sandwich short of a picnic, three bricks short of a load and if brains were gunpowder he couldn't blow his own nose.

In short, Ben Weerheym is your typical White supremacist / neo-Nazi / bigot.

Secondly, let's see who else comprises Weerheym's "alliance". First off the boat is Douglas Norris [?] of the New Zealand Dominion Post (March 23, 2006); next comes Darrin Hodges (March 13, 2006 and elsewhere); John Pell, Dr. James Saleam and Val Hale (February 28, 2006) moan about there being too many blacks in Toowoomba; while the (US-based) neo-Nazi National Vanguard, National Alliance** (February 23, and February 22, 2006 respectively, as well as numerous other posts) and the Dresden Remembrance Committee (February 15, 2006: for more on the bombing of Dresden, and the far right's attempts to hijack the event, read here, here and here) are all neo-Nazi organisations.

In other words, the PAD is, basically, Ben Weerheym. So too, Weerheym's other blog, 'Leftywatch'. In fact, prior to 2006, Weerheym doesn't even bother to pretend otherwise. I suppose that the only remaining point I think is worth emphasising is the fact that 'PAD' (Weerheym's blog) has in fact undergone quite a number of name changes and re-configurations: partly in response to pressure from the outside, and partly due to Weerheym's own mental instability.


* For further discussion of the evolution of such laws in Australia, see Danny Yee's review of Luke McNamara's Regulating Racism: Racial Vilification Laws in Australia. Interestingly, Yee notes that "The West Australian legislation came in response to a racist campaign by the Australian Nationalist Movement. It is unique in criminalising racial vilification generally, not just a narrower "aggravated" category. There have as yet been no cases — and comparison with a similar Canadian law suggests the barrier to criminal prosecution is too high". For Yee's take on more general issues to do with 'Internet censorship', click here.

** "National Alliance (NA) tore itself to shreds in the months after the first [2002] York rally. That year its founder William Pierce died, starting the downfall. Billy Roper, quite possibly its most visible member, got the boot. He then started another group White Revolution, which in the past three years has lost two members to [my homies in the] OPP! Meanwhile, NA suffered a mutiny in 2005, and is pretty much irrelevant. Those that broke away from the NA are calling themselves National Vanguard, and are not doing any better. Their most recent routine: promoting on their website a pro-Palestinian hip-hop concert put on by people who hate racism whether it is in the form of Zionism or Nazism."

2) Fightdemback! (FDB)

Fascists on di attack?
Don't worry 'bout dat.
Fascists on di attack?
We will fight dem back!

Weerheym makes a number of claims regarding FDB in his 'press release', and even more on his blogs, each one more bizarre than the previous. Thus according to Weerheym, FDB has, among other things, employed private detectives to spy on racists and fascists, engaged in blackmail, and 'covertly' compiles dossiers on and periodically issues threats of violence to the racists and fascists whose activities it monitors. Worst, its members "often joke about paedophilia, homosexual rape, and anal sex online"!

Weerheym also maintains (December 18, 2005) that FDB is financed by... the Jews! (To be precise: the Anti-Defamation Commission of B'nai B'rith.) In this context, it's worth noting that Weerheym has gone to some effort to conceal his fear, hatred and contempt for Jews. For example, while the 'Disclaimer' that accompanies the latest version of 'Leftywatch' states If you are offended by the truth and information that can be politically incorrect then turn away now and bury your head in the sand. Click this link for a more appropriate site in its previous incarnation it reads If you are offended by the truth and information that can be politically correct then turn away now and bury your head in the sand. Click this link for a more appropriate site. Click the links and you'll see why.

Briefly, then: the evidence Weerheym produces to support his fanciful conjectures is practically non-existent. The 'private detective' in question, for example, is one "Tim Heggarty". On his Leftywatch blog, Weerheym promises to provide three 'case studies' regarding the nefarious activities of "Tim". The first 'case' is a rather confused account of a correspondence between Weerheym and some other bloke. The second and third remain undisclosed as of January 16, 2006. As far as FDB is concerned, as Mat put it: FDB has "no fucking idea about what you are talking about".

The accusation of 'blackmail' Weerheym levels at FDB appears to be somehow related to the exposure of the activities of some neo-Nazi teenagers. The fact that the neo-Nazi teenagers in question have yet to sue for "blackmail" could be read as implying that Weerheym is, as usual, talking absolute bollocks.

Finally, as regards 'secret dossiers'... well, you're reading my "secrets". In fact, while Weerheym is obviously too stupid to realise it, the information FDB compiles is largely the result of the assiduous application of basic research skills by a collective of anti-racists. In compiling this information, FDB's efforts are augmented by the involvement of a number of people with professional, semi-professional and even amateur IT expertise.

Simple, really.

But quite successful, don't you think?